Wash Light

The function of wash light is basically the opposite of the spotlight. This type of luminaire is capable of projecting a large area of light without reaching a long distance. Typically, the wash light has a path of 130 degrees, much larger than the spot. Although the light coverage from the wash is much larger, it uses the same amount of lumens and wattage as the spot.
Its lens projection angle can be adjusted according to customer needs. The smaller the angle, the smaller the projection distance, the more concentrated the light, resulting in an infinite color mixing effect. These are unmatched by traditional lamps, and it is energy saving and has stable quality.
The wash light can provide RGB color mixing and integrated color mixing effects. The color is pure and rich, and it is widely used in large variety shows and entertainment venues for color rendering effects. The wash light can be used for exhibitions of various products, and can change colors according to the different needs of the products, so that visitors can produce good visual effects and improve the environment of the venue.
The light's advanced exterior design makes it unique, sturdy and compact, while also being easy to operate, safe and reliable. The small light decay is also a major feature of it. It can control the light decay to 20% (standard service life is 30,000 hours) while ensuring good heat dissipation. Built-in convection heat transfer to accelerate heat dissipation and extend its service life. The good waterproof design allows it to be installed in outdoor mobile locations. It also has a separate control system for easy commissioning of fixtures and brightness programs.
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