Stage Lighting

Stage lighting can be divided into three categories: floodlights, spotlights and slides according to optical structure. According to the parts installed on the stage, the stage lamps are divided into face light, slap light, foot light, column light, top row light, sky light, ground light and flowing light.
A floodlight system is a luminaire that emits evenly soft light and illuminates a certain direction of light. Individual floodlights, overhead lights, foot lights, and curtain lights are commonly used to illuminate skylights.
A concentrating system is a luminaire that emits orientation and can control the extent of the zone. Generally, the principle of refraction is used to cast different spots through the lens. For example, a threaded soft-light lens produces a soft spot on the edges. A lamp that uses a reflective optical structure to achieve a concentrating effect is called a backlight. The slide system is to add a set of objective lenses in front of the spotlight to make it project.
The stage lighting equipment can display the environment, render the atmosphere, highlight the central figure through the control system and technical means, create the sense of stage space and time, shape the external image of the stage performance, and provide the necessary lighting effects.
Features of Stage lighting:
1. Make the stage picture clearer: enable the audience to see what or some corners of the stage are not visible to the audience.
2. Strengthen the effect of the stage performance: in line with the needs of the plot, make the background appear natural, play a role in setting off, suggesting and inducing the development of the plot, and adjust the atmosphere.
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