Robe Pointe Lighting

Robe Pointe Lighting is a very bright and fast computer light. It projects a sharp parallel beam that passes through the air easily. It can project a static or rotating glass pattern to produce high-definition images with a flat focal plane. The beam is narrow or zoomed over the entire 20° range, and its light output is clear and bright. In addition, the Robe Pointe Lighting has 6-sided linear and 8-sided circular prisms that can be rotated in either direction to create a rich effect on the set.
Robe Pointe Lighting inserts a soft sheet and uses any of a variety of colors to achieve even, smooth dyeing. The light output from Pointe is much larger than that of a compact, lightweight body, and its excellent light quality and low power consumption – due to the use of efficient short-arc gas discharge sources and Robe optics. Its light column is more uniform, clean and uniform, and the overall brightness is not divided. This new technology luminaire is even an efficient four-in-one luminaire that covers all your needs – beams, patterns, dyes and effects – that no other luminaire can do.
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