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Light Design In Bar

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Bar dining where is the place for people to relax. The lighting design of the bar dining what is very important for the atmosphere, is a more flexible and interesting design element and can make the atmosphere better or worse. Many different kinds of the design for bar dining is the pursuit for creating a good atmosphere.

Different bar dining styles can give you different visual senses, such as luxurious, clean and simple, fashion and classic.

The lighting should not only consider the function of illumination, but also pay attention to the atmosphere.

Today, we would like to share a very characteristic bar restaurant lighting with you.

It is the most romantic mechanical bar restaurant.


There is a Enigma Café in Romania, a steampunk themed bar dining, give you a huge magical world when you enter. 

Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak, are two designers of Enigma Café who miss the steampunk in 20th century, and designed the Submarine and Joben Bistro which is another steampunk theme bar in Romania. They have a bold and artistic idea that gives mechanical a life.

It brings the thick nostalgic industrial wind to you by warm color temperature of lighting environment design. The unique work of this bar are dozens of special crafted details for steampunk, such as big moving clock, rotating wheel gears, ceiling of mental, movement of birds and the robots keep ridding on a bicycle and discharge with a gas mask. It seems to be back to the age of industry during the early 20th century by the intense and visual impact and psychedelic lighting.


A robot model with a gas mask is used to charge for the bulb on the wall by ridding on a bicycle at the entrance of the bar. The brightness of the bulb are changing with the speed of ridding.


The key lighting makes the body line of mode seems to be perfect and add a lot of wild.

The basic lighting in the bar should provide sufficient brightness for the staffs working and customers activities



It is too domineering for bar counter with all kinds of mechanical component. A low of chandeliers above the table not only provides the required illumination, but also plays a decorative role.


The requirement of the bar lighting design are very extensive and focus on presentation. The simple design can not reach the common requirement.

Do you wanna see more cases of lighting appreciation? 

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