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JD E-commerce Service Will Come Out In Europe 2018, Will Be A Great Challenge To Amazon

- Feb 06, 2018 -

JD Founder Richard Liu told FT, his company will launch out e-commerce platform and delivery service In France, UK and Germany.


JD will be a great competitor of Amazon from 2019, JDs goal is they can be well know in European in a couple years.


Founder Richard Liu told UK Financial Times, his company will recommend their service on France firstly, then on UK and Germany.


JD will spend at least 1 billion Euros to establish a logistics network in France. On the contrary, Amazon indicate he have invested about 15 billion Euros within 6 years from 2010 in Europe.

JD.com announced recently, he will recommend their service in USA this year.


Richard Liu said his goal is to earn half the profits outside China within 10 years, though most of the product sales will still be done in China.


This seems to indicate that the company will expand its business globally beyond the scope of e-commerce. Last year JD.com divested its lending department, JD Finance, into an independent group.


Richard Liu said JD.com plans to set up its first European research center in Cambridge, England, in the first half of 2019, which will be its second research center outside China and will focus on artificial intelligence and big data.


In 2018, the sales of our moving head stage lighting can not only on Alibaba, but also can in JD.com too. That will be more convenient for our products export. 


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