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Hi-LTTE Lighting Shinning For Kazakhstan Famous Boys Band

- Jul 05, 2018 -

Hi-LTTE Lighting shinning for Kazakhstan famous Boys Band

Thanks for sharing such nice pictures and video for Hi-LTTE!


And congratulations on your getting this projects!


Lights application:

12pcs Rambo 7r 230w beam

10pcs HL-10 19*15w led aura zoom wash 





Please click the video link to enjoy more



Hi-LTTE focus on moving head lights for professional stage lighting, please come to Hi-LTTE to learn more.

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Guangzhou Hi-LTTE Electronics Technology Co,.Ltd

Add: Building 36, Meidong Industrial Park, Sandong Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China.

Official Website: www.hi-light.com.cn/

Email: hi-ltte@hi-ltte.com


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