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Hi-LTTE Great Project In Da Tang Phoenix Group,China!

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Hi-LTTE Great Project In Da Tang Phoenix Group,China!

Da Tang Phoenix Group is a 5-star hotel integrating food supply, accommodation, entertainment and commercial services.


Over 1500pcs lights are serviced here shinning for great joy and happiness!


Lights application:

300PCS Rambo Legend II 350W Philips BSW 3IN1

300PCS Rambo Legend 330W Yodn BSW 3IN1

150PCS Rambo Knight 330W Super Sharpy Beam

100PCS Rambo 7R 230W Beam

100PCS Rambo 2R 132W Beam

200PCS HL-10 19*15W LED Aura Zoom Wash

120PCS HL-12 7*15W LED Beam

160PCS HL-18 18*15W LED Bee Eye

80PCS HL-6 6*15W LED Bee Eye


Let's Work With You Together To Perform A Amazing Show!






Web: www.hi-light.com.cn

E-mail: hi-ltte@hi-ltte.com

Tel: 020-36633371

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