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Do You Really Wanna Know The Process Of Lighting Design?

- Jan 17, 2018 -


1.Read the script.

It’s necessary to understand the content of the performance, analyze the performance, understand the characteristics of the performance, find the turning point of the plot atmosphere, and decide the effect of each paragraph according to the script. 

2.Determine the final lighting show

You should rehearse frequently, know about the content of the show and the lighting zone. After repeated discussions with the directors, actors, music, clothes and other departments, the creative concept and effect of the show was determined. In the end, the first draft of the light will be set after revising. The first draft can be changed according to the rehearse before the actual performance. 

3.Establish the light circuit

Establish the light circuit by the circuit line of the performance venue, control panel, lighting equipment, the number of stage lights, the size of stage structure design and other mechanical equipment, such as controller, dimmer and the design of circuit.

4.Deliver the draft to the dance director 

Deliver the final draft to the dance director of the show, run process to  determine each step of the show and confirm the show details with the actors. 

5.Put the equipment in order

According to the configuration of light and the facility of performance venue, you should prepare the required equipment in need, such as color chips, color wheel, gloves and pliers.

6.Making process

In order not to affect the progress of the performance, you should calculate the required working time clearly and make the process with other stage departments on the basis of the entire work content of the lighting itself before entering the performance venue.


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