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Beyonce & Jay Z 2018 Run Ⅱ Tour Concert

- Jul 31, 2018 -

2018 Run Ⅱ Tour Concert

Beyonce || Jay Z


Summer holiday is coming! Beyonce and her husband Jay Z are started their Run Ⅱ Tour Concert which is a carnival that lasted until October in this year.


This was a four-floor equipment with power plant that the performers could appear in each one of the 20 boxes. There were a giant LED screen behind the performance wall which created a changeable environment for the performance.



The duality and separation concept of stage design is demonstrated by two long walkways separated on the stage. These two long walkways extend to the audience and provide a separate space for Beyonce and Jay Z, allowing them to perform personally without sharing the same stage space.

“The Bridge” rises and floats above the stadium. This huge and heavy machine bridges the dividing line and unites the audience to complete the performance. 



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