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A Light Show Disguised As A Concert

- Jul 16, 2018 -

A Light Show Disguised As A Concert -- Golden Tour


Romeo Santos, known as king of Bachata, began his Golden Tour to 18 cities tour in Madison Square Garden in New York City on 15th of Feb. Experienced Latin pop musicians created a luxurious audio-visual light show on a new stage that conquered all the fans on the scene.



The stage designer designed the stage lighting of the Golden Tour into an incredible “sun shape”with a series of outwardly radiating luminaires on the outside of the stage. The lights in the middle of the stage formed a set of a circles that could up or down, and there was also a liftable ball with a beam of light. The stage was completely wrapped in lighting to create a dreamy concert. This is a true light show!

Stage Map

Live Pictures


Rambo Phantom Pro - 2.jpg

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