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18-21 January 2018 Lumiere London Back!

- Jan 31, 2018 -

18-21 January 2018 Lumiere London back!


Lumiere London Light Festival has just finished in London. The artists came from all around the world decorated the streets of London with a variety of lights and colors. The buildings were illuminated as bright as day, including the Westminster Abbey and National Theatre, etc.


A lot of emotions and themes were contained in many works. Daan Roosegaarde a Dutch artist used the Waterlicht to create an illusion that made people to expose himself to the blue ocean and brought the power and poetry of water into the shadow of the Regent River.


At the same time, Swedish artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic created a special aurora borealis at Grosvenor Square.


The combination of light and musical instruments allowed visitors to play their favorite rhythms by tapping into different parts.


The Impulse that was made by Lateral Office and CS Design attracted so many people to play. It could create the changeable lighting as long as people sat on the lighting seesaw.


The Love Motion that created by Rhys Coren in the courtyard of the Royal College was a moving picture inspired by Matisse.


The Spectral was created by Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Slugocki at the St James’s Square.


This production in the Regent Street was made by Jim Duggan and Gary White. It was consisted of a number of small glass jars and a screen behind it. It could make a projection of the image with music.


The Entre Les Rangs created by Rami Bebawi was consisted of thousands of light emitters.


Visitors could see the Lighting Bird on the tree above your head.


Lantern Company made the Flamingo Flyway in Chinatown.


Reflektor was made by Studio Roso at St James’s Market.


Lantern Company worked together with Jo Pocock to create the Nightlife at Leicester Square.


The Child Hood was created by Collectif Coin and Collectif Coin could be seen at the Trafalgar Square.


The Light of The Spirit Chapter 2 was on the wall to west of the Westminster Abbey.


Umbrella Project was designed by Cirque Bijou.


The outlet and lamp was designed by James Glancy Design on the Ganton Street beside the Carnaby Street.

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