Moving Head Lights

Moving head lights are usually used on the stage and in the square. Our moving head light is stable and reliable, with excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning and good heat dissipation. The lamp body and material structure meet the requirements of ergonomics. It consists of three major systems: optical, mechanical, electrical and program control. The three systems are interconnected and organically combined to meet the needs of light, color, speed, direction, effect, heat dissipation, noise, and positioning.
Its characteristics are compactness, high brightness, high color temperature, good color rendering and a relatively stable color temperature during lamp dimming.
The light from the moving head light is mainly a pattern light. It can pass through different modeling scenes, different color changes, different viewing angles, horizontal and vertical light angle changes and speed, stroboscopic speed, aperture size change, focal length change and other comprehensive performance.
Moving head light is through X, Y axis movement, to achieve color change, pattern, strobo and other functions. It has a strong dynamic, and internationally is the preferred lighting equipment for stage lighting, using international DMX512 signal control. It features high-performance dyeing, superior beam feel, and a unique kaleidoscope beam effect.
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