Beam Moving Head Light

Our beam moving head lights use a die-casting mold. It is small in size, light in weight and has no screw design throughout. In addition to being used for professional outdoor rainy day performances, this waterproof beam product has entered a large number of outdoor lighting projects such as outdoor roads and bridges, fountains, squares, parks, courtyards, scenic spots, and leisure villas.
The beam moving head light is processed by thickened aluminum wire drawing, which highlights the high-end and longevity, and all the core components are insulated and moisture-proof. It comes with multiple fixed pattern pieces. A colorful glass pattern makes the effect more colorful. The pattern has a pattern of secondary magnification.
The beam moving head light adopts wind direction drainage and temperature intelligent monitoring speed control system. It can ensure the entry of cold air and the hot air out according to the temperature of different positions of the lamps, and form a good air circulation system to control the temperature in an optimal state. The XY axis operation adopts a new electronic chip positioning system, which makes the positioning more precise, and the work is more stable and smooth. This device uses the most advanced technology to realize the remote sleep function. When the light is disconnected, it automatically enters the sleep state, making the lamp more stable and safe. You can set the sleep time by yourself.
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