Disco Light

The laser light source used in our disco lights has a long service life and high stability, which is in line with international laser generator standards. The lamp has the characteristics of stable quality and high cost performance. It has the effects of beam, wall washing and pattern three-in-one, and can demonstrate various beam and pattern patterns.
This disco light has a red, green and blue colorless blending and gradient effect, and the strobe is adjustable from fast to slow. It is a moving head light that illuminates a cone of light, so the light-emitting area is larger than the beam light. This product has an optional horizontal/vertical rotation angle and is available in a variety of self-propelled programs and voice programs. It can create a soft and romantic atmosphere through the combination of different colors and patterns to create a beautiful and beautiful scene.
The cold air can be blown into the bulb heating chamber from the disco head part, so that the parts of the lamp head are kept at a lower temperature environment, thereby prolonging the service life, and the heat generated by the bulb can be directly discharged in time to ensure the whole The light body is always kept within the designed temperature range. Built-in overheat protection for good heat dissipation. PFC power factor compensation can be used even in voltage fluctuations (±10V).
Scope: KTV, private rooms, clubs, bars, night shows, private PARTY parties, etc.
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