LED Beam Light

LED beam lights combine state-of-the-art optical combinations, blending proven micro-engineering in the optical field with breakthrough development technologies in electronics. It uses the latest design of led bulbs. The body is light and offers unparalleled brightness, fast and precise movements, complete effects, and responsiveness to the exact color requirements of professional stage lighting. LED beam light has high brightness output, quiet operation and low power consumption, so it is the perfect indicator for environmentally conscious high performance.
The beam light has three prisms, a triangular prism, an octagonal prism and a trapezoidal effect prism. The three transitions create a more wonderful stage effect.
In addition to the advantages of long service life, high luminous efficiency, small size, light weight, environmental protection, safety and reliability, LED semiconductor lighting source has a significant advantage, that is, since the LED starting voltage and working voltage are the same, no ballast is needed. .This saves the cost and energy consumption, and also greatly reduces the response time of power on and off.
LED beam lights can achieve high energy efficiency, high safety performance and reliability, and achieve the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and high efficiency.
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